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Design and Restoration of Full Floor in Murcia

Design and restoration of a 50-year-old apartment in the center of Murcia.
Design and comprehensive reform of a house of more than 50 years old and 170 m2.
Given the age of the house, the distribution of it was a very compartmentalized distribution, several small rooms, a long corridor, a small kitchen and a service area with independent access.

The new owners of the house wanted more open spaces, with a large living-dining room, an office and two large and spacious rooms. In addition, they wanted to expand the kitchen and incorporate an office area and keep the service area attached to the kitchen with independent access.

In short, a set of communicated surfaces was designed, but at the same time separated, with which not only was it possible to provide the house with a multipurpose space, but each corner of all that space was provided with light.

The area where the main bedroom and bathroom was located was respected although some small distribution changes were incorporated to get to expand the bathroom, create a dressing area between the bathroom, the main room and a bedroom with a large wardrobe giving the touch functional to the stay.